Hoods - The King Is Dead

Hoods (USA) is existing 10 years and they celebrate it with a new release called "The King Is Dead". Hoods is playing old school hardcore in the style of Madball and Hatebreed. The songs are in stamping rhythm with nice raw aggressive vocals. Effective guitarriffing and the pounding durms. The songs are not too long of duration and they have that hook that can make them like anthems on stage. Lyrically it will deal with the typical hardcore streetwise subjects. These 9 tracks won't break the worldrecord in originallity but the album is solid as a rock. Drinking some beer and fucking slap it!

1. The King Is Dead
2. Lost Hope
3. Drawn Out
4. 26 Seconds Of Hate
5. Ernie Cortez
6. Heartless
7. Addicted To Dying
8. This Time
9. End Of Days

Alveran Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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