Honey For Christ - The Darkest Pinnacle Of Light

The last release I heard from HFC was their 2002 release "Forging Iron Will". In my review for that one I wrote that it tasted for more. Finally in 2006 a new release and now on a label. So here we have five new songs in a real metal jacket. Clean vocals that really sings, guitars that are intense of riffing or dwelling rhythms and all stewed forward by rapid changing drums. Tempo of the songs are diverse and also the melody/atmosphere is vary. HFC is not afraid to seek boundaries and combining ie pure energy with melancholy. If you like metal in general you can check this band out and be convinced yourself of their quality for playing good heavy metal!

1. Satan & Swastika
2. The Final Transition
3. The Darkest Pinnacle of Light
4. Sorrow Descending
5. Signs of Bitterness

Rundown Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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