Homophobic Fekalpheliac - Sadistic Thoughts Of A Serial Killer

Those with a sensitive censor considering racism and stuff should not be offended by the name of these American brutes. The brilliance of it lays in the fact that it describes a guy that hates gay people but loves eating shit. Get the troll here? Not yet? Then you definitely need to improve your sense of humor cos these guys here seem to have large doses of it and they tend to mix it a lot with their music. Slam is what they play and they follow the path bands as Devourment, Kraanium, Abominable Putridity, Torsofuck, Epicardiectomy and so many other slam/brutal death beasts carved. Their sound is fat enough and their performance is tight.

"Sadistic Thoughts Of A Serial Killer" is their very first full length succeeding their EP of 2015. Released under Rotten Music who specializes in this type of xtreme death metal sound. Rotten Music’s name is close enough with words and phrases as: brutality, roughness of sound, ferocious performance and so on. "Sadistic Thoughts Of A Serial Killer" is not very far from all those lines. After short intro where a sample is mixed with HF playing a really heavy slam beat, the title track breaks in. Heavy guitars form slam beats and a growler spreads his gutturals all around it. The track itself aims in bringing the groove forth. Heavy atmosphere here, as the tempo beats get slower and slower, dropping our chin to the floor. Yep. These guys here know how to slam ladies and gentlemen.

The hearing process proceeds and their sarcasm gets in the way. “Eric did you just take a crap on my desk?”, and then a crazed blasted paroxsysmic riff follows breaking everything in its way. Of course the song later on slows down giving the proper space for groove to take its place. Tempo downbeats and heavy gutturals are all combined here to create brutality unmatched. The hearing process proceeds and I find myself caught in a crossfire of slam groove and brutal death metal ferociousness. My guess is that slam wins here, although this is not about winners and losers. These fine gentlemen from California know very well how to mix those two into one unique and cohesive form, creating brutality unmatched. Nice try on Slayer’s 'Disciple' also, although I think they could’ve chosen a more fitting to their style, song to cover. The album ends after 29 minutes and automatically is set to start again. Can’t beat it.

The sound of it is super fat and itchy as it should be. The production is exactly what the genre commands. No crystal clean shit here and bullshit like that. Don’t get me wrong though. Every instrument has its special place in the mix. Everything can be heard, and yet they all form a cohesive cement wall of sound able to make your eardrums bleed. Homophobic Fekalpheliac nailed it with this one. "Sadistic Thoughts Of A Serial Killer" is a debut album many bands would like to have. Now that’s something that’s gonna take a while to leave my playlist.

  1. Pathogen Of Obscured Perception
  2. Sadistic Thoughts Of A Serial Killer
  3. Back Alley Abortion
  4. Shitstorm
  5. Ice Pick Castration
  6. Cunt Ripping Apex Predator
  7. Excrement Experiment
  8. Defecation Asphyxiation
  9. Disciple (cover Slayer)
  10. Pre-Pubescent Murder Spree


Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 19, 2016

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