Homoferus - Herocly

Homoferus disappeared off the Metal map for quite some time after the release of their demo back in 2003, but recently it seems they've resurfaced with a well designed full length album to boot. Drawing on influences like Dimmu Borgir and Emperor, the music here is rich with keyboards that will remind listeners of the 'Enthroned Darkness Triumphant' era days with most of the tracks, such as "Delerium" with the opening faster passages and clean keyboard passages; some sounding like classical piano. The vocals are a bit of a cross between Death and Black Metal with more of a rasp compared to a shriek, but it suits the music well. As the album goes on listeners will hear just how important the keyboards are to the music as they are included in 3/4 of every track, yet somehow Homoferus prevents things from getting too dry or repetitive with their style. Even during the faster tracks like "Leexem," one can still hear the keyboards clearly, although their rather slow chimes seem to be out of pace with the blazing guitars, yet once things slow down a bit with the enjoyable chugging everything feels right back on track.

The band also throws in some Gothic Rock/ Metal elements such as on "Riok." Here the guitars really slow down for just rather simple chugs, but it works wondefully with the keyboards as everything is much smoother rather than high paced like most of the other Black Metal based tracks. One can even hear what sounds like choir based singing in the background. On the downside, with a slower pace, it seems more like Homoferus' music may be a bit boring or too basic. Still, it is nice to have a more groovy side of the music rather than to go full blown tremolo picking with keyboard saturation and following the path of groups like Emperor. Overall, Black Metal listeners should be quite happy with the 'return' of Homoferus' three man group and will enjoy something that isn't quite 'kvlt,' but just gothic enough to really feel like the music is dark enough to be considered worthy of the genre.


  1. Delerium
  2. Herocly
  3. Hatred By Name
  4. Iron Butterfly
  5. Reality Show
  6. Riok
  7. Leexem
  8. Shadow's Confession

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Apr 25, 2012

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