Holocausto - De Volta Ao Front

Approaching related themes the war and to the Nazism, aggressiveness was one of the strong point of the band. The last album thrown by the band was in 1993, called Tozago Deismno, after lives than twelve years the group returns with the new called release De Volta Ao Front. The prominence music i Resista, their lyrical context is simple and direct. Containing the disk the music Warfare Noise, the same takes the name of first Split that the Holocaust participated without shadow of doubts the best track of the album in my opinion. The disk was well produced; the insert contains all of the letters in Portuguese and English. It is worthwhile to check the new album De Volta ao Front, with certainty you reader didn't laugh if he is sorry.

1. Miseria Humana
2. Guerra Santa
3. Resista
4. Direitos Desumanos
5. Ilusao Armada
6. Freedom of Speech (Liberdade de Expressao)
7. De Volta ao Front
8. Imagens da Violencia
9. Semente do Odio
10. Warfare Noise

Cogumelo Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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