Hiss From The Moat - Misanthropy

With the Hour Of Penance drummer sitting comfortably behind the kit, this Italian act is on a sure footing to unleash some terrifying extremity and they do it with considerable aplomb. With only an EP preceding this full length debut, which has got a release via the Lacerated Enemy name, it showcases a band who aren't afraid to delve headlong into unrelenting brutality.

After the intro the album delves recklessly into one insane blastfest after another starting with 'Conquering Christianity'. The speed is ultra brutal death metal but the band also likes to hurl a few riff challenges in your direction such as the deathcore saturation of 'Honor To The Mother Of Death' which is superbly catchy but insanely mental. James Payne's drumming makes this album so much more fierce and turgidly aggressive as the riffing switches guises for a slower more punchy style on 'Moralism As Anesthetic', it has an old school feel like Massacre, until the cliff dropping change to a blackened blast style, I kid you not. The speed of the tune is up there with the warmongering likes of Marduk, Impiety, etc, only the vocals give it away as death metal. The title track has Deicide style riffing to open it, but this is loosely attached to the blurring battering blackness that ghoulishly stalks every tune on this release.

The snare roll introduction to 'The Path Of The Pilgrims' is addictive, surging into a deathly chug riff before the riff change with its exquisite foot on the accelerator change in pace. Density pervades the riff on 'The Descent From The Throne' but as with all the tunes this is swept unceremoniously aside to create space for the unhinged demented speed that has Krisiun stamped all over it. The interlude piece of 'Ave Regina Caelorum' serves to introduce 'Caduceus' which has a deathcore stance on the riff that builds ominously with spoken vocals drifting amongst the riffing. The intermittent double kick is prime deathcore territory though it quickly switches to a rigorous bombarding cacophony that rings very harmoniously to these ears.

In terms of brutality and all out bludgeoning this album has it all, it switches guises smoothly and terrifyingly making this an exhilarating extreme listen from start to finish.

  1. Intro
  2. Conquering Christianity
  3. Honor To The Mother Of Death
  4. Moralism As Anesthetic
  5. Misanthropy
  6. The Path Of The Pilgrims
  7. The Descent From The Throne
  8. Ave Regina Caelorum
  9. Caduceus
  10. Outro