Hiroshima Will Burn - To The Weight Of All Things

Hiroshima Will Burn is an Australian band that was formed back in 2005 and already released a self titled 4-track demo. “To The Weight Of All Things” is the bands first full length album and let me tell you, it´s an impressive piece of technical Death Metal with a huge dose of fast-paced Mathcore insanity. Weird, hectic riffs meet precise drumming as well as harsh growls and screams. But don´t expect just another soulless wannabe-talented act with a few nice ideas, but unique songs with variable string abusing and excellent drum work. No doubt about it: these guys are great musicians and I´m sure they have a clear vision of how they want to sound. “To The Weight Of All Things” demands repeated listening sessions, but once you´re into their tunes, you´ll be surely impressed by their wicked song structures. “Laberinto” is a nervous instrumental track where these Australian dudes show the whole spectrum of their fantastic skills. Simply outstanding! Imagine a good produced and progressive new breed of extremity with lots of force and independence.

1. Methodical Disfigurement 
2. In Voluptate Mors 
3. Enigmatic Consumption 
4. Laberinto 
5. Martyrium 
6. Defilement 
7. Ad Pondus Omnium 
8. The Black Death 

Lacerated Enemy Records
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 6, 2009

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