Hipoxia - Si Devs Esset Occidendvs Erit

Hipoxia was born in Madrid in 2009 when JK, E and K pooled together their interests in extreme doom and black metal and started to play and drink beer together as a vehicle of Khaos!

What is conjured up within the first few passages are definitely drone effect Avant guard and doom. The vocals follow in much later and sound like E may have taken a couple as the unintelligible ramblings are a dirge with literally ‘nothing’ to keep you focused on except the hope that this noise will stop as quick as possible, however, its only one redeeming feature for me are when the vocals take on a sinister edge and growl terrifyingly, I am beginning to understand ‘Nothing’ now as being ‘something’.

The second track doesn’t waste any time in presenting its self in a new black light and is extremely blacker than the night, with very keen vocals at least at the start, although they stop screeching but continue to drive out some unintelligible words that are not remiss of an exorcism! The noise inflicted set up is more than doom-laden, with no direction which can get a little stale, but I suppose it lives up to its title of ‘Oblivion’ quite well.

‘New Aeon Of Destruction’ crawls out of its box and offers the listener a double vocal that’s hardly all singing all dancing, but shouted with intense pace that is quite horrifying in its own way. Despite sounding restrained in some places, it carries a changing soundscape that is awkward and uncomfortable to sit through, sounding undeniably like a Black Mass!

I can’t say I was bowled over with anything new here, however, I do like the vocals on occasions during the 3 tracks on the E.P but the noise aspect makes it really hard to like the E.P fully, unless you are a connoisseur of dark and potent doom-laden noise!

  1. Nothing
  2. Oblivion
  3. New Aeon of Destruction