Heretic - Underdogs Of The Underworld

Heretic from the Netherlands started life very differently as a black metal outfit. Now they call themselves black ‘n’ roll, for me there’s a mix of straight metal and a very heavy influence of The Misfits and not just the album cover. This is album number five (most recently had a split with Japan’s Sabbat), although I’ve not heard of them before it comes to light that the most memorable tracks for me are the ones (depending on your age and mental state I guess) with the most obscene lyrics. ‘Nuclear Pussy’ makes me smile as does ‘Sexkommander’, these are the most punk influenced tracks. Whilst ‘Black Metal Punks’ starts out like the bass and drumming of Kiss’ disco hit ‘I Was Made for Loving You’ or Armored Saint’s ‘Reign of Fire’ before falling face first into some high octane almost thrash, low fi style, before going slightly blacker in the chords utilised. But it lacks a certain amount of filth and rawness that’s common with certainly some of the German and Swedish bands doing true blackened punk. That Misfits/Ramones influence really comes out for ‘Godless Masters, Savage Bastards’, its pleasing, rousing but also lacks a punch when it’s just the bass and drums, it needs a touch more meat in the gravy, its nearly there, but the production lets this release down.

‘This Angel Bleeds Black’ continues as the album has done, but towards the end there is a couple of riffs that sound like Sabbath’s ‘Children of the Grave’ and Maiden’s ‘The Wicker Man’ before ending in a traditional metal format. Overall, the influences are all over the place and there’s an air of inconsistency. Although this is enjoyable, it may only be enough for those who tend to skip tracks on mp3 players (although this is predominantly a vinyl release by all accounts), it is not a complete package of an album, but represents a variety of styles and personas of this Dutch band.

  1. Burn The World 
  2. Blitzkrieg In Black  
  3. Overlords Of Sleaze  
  4. Black Metal Punks  
  5. Hellbound Doomslut  
  6. Sexkommander  
  7. Godless Masters, Savage Bastards  
  8. Nuclear Pussy 
  9. Raw Infernal Bitchfuck  
  10. This Angel Bleeds Black