Hellsaw – Cold

Hellsaw is a true Black Metal band from Austria and their new album Cold is another demonstration of hate in the vein of bands like Gorgoroth, Darkthrone and the best Satyricon: and it means not only infernal riffs and high speeds but also epic parts, nice clean guitars and a dark feeling always tangible. We are not in front of the black metal masterpiece of the new millennium but without any doubt the whole work is convincing and sometimes the guys are able to reach really high levels, when for example they make space to their death and thrash influences or when they try to experiment something of not so usual for a black metal band. Unfortunately there are also few not inspired moments and some strange (if we think about the experience off this band) ingenuousness that spoil a little bit a positive offer. Hellsaw are still growing up and the biggest Norwegian names are not so far.

1. A Suicide Journey
2. The Black Death
3. Der Harzwald
4. 1’ f
5. Cold Aeon
6. Psycho Pastor
7. Sulphur Prayer
8. I Saw Hell
9. Moonrites Diabolicum
10. Ache
11. Subterranian Empire
Napalm Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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