Hell's Thrash Horsemen - Till Violence

It comes to us from Russia a band formed in 2007 within the thrash genre.

To begin, no respect in anything the speeds in the thrash old school because you can do excellent work in the times that you want and it would not be worth say that lacks motivation or short in it one, just this is a very basic band but with aggression thrash and worth remark on what they are affirmed in that trend what dominates the album here, underlining traditionally as a work that consists in much effort into them, as I see it, and here is a simple work without complexity nor extreme guitar riffs, but with some traditionals and regular lead-solo and acoustic guitar that are great and that's Highlights to this work as far as I'm concerned, and that's the only obsession that motivates me glance entirely in an old school in which embeds in perfect fit for inspiration in the song they carried out: 'My Feelings To The Past'.

The singer has obviously a linear dirty tone and it is one of the peculiarities of the genre in instinct that prevail in he in a neutral point, and he in the entire album impose pride constant and that makes the rhythmic aggressive intuitively predictable instantly, and the album thus has a fully old chemical compositions tibiae enjoyable, that no doubt would determine that this band is striving persistently and frantically searching solidify what they want to express well in the future, which would make it great!

To all this they have a cover of Testament at the end of the album and makes it more fun to this work!

And to further expand positively this criticism, is significant the sound from study of production, and makes the album a enriched work as one of the most considerable guides also all about.


1. ... Till Violence
2. Prologue To Slaughterhouse
3. Beginning Of War
4. Hell's Thrash Horsemen
5. Serial Man
6. My Feelings To The Past
7. The Preacher (cover Testament)