Hell’s Coronation – Ritual Chalice Of Hateful Blood

Hell’s Coronation are Polish two piece playing black metal at its slowest morbid pace.

Following a string of EP’s and splits this is the band first full length. I must say myself doom either works for me or it doesn’t. It’s something I actively seek out but I enjoy it in good measure. I’m aware it’s a redundant argument to say “I wish they’d speed up or kick things off a bit” because that is like saying you want a slow sludgy Black Sabbath riff in the middle of 'Reign In Blood'.

What I’m saying is that I enjoyed this album and it’s a style I don’t normally have the patience for. After a near three minute intro track we get 5, bleak and slow track often going over the 7 minute mark. While the pace stays the same roughly through the whole album Hell’s Coronation keeps things interesting with a melody here and throwing in a sound element there. There is good use of keyboards used mainly for effects but it give each track its own unique touch.

The whole album is hypnotic and the time of the tracks passes seamlessly. The atmosphere is as morose and hopeless as the atmosphere of any of the classic black metal albums can conjure up just slow and dirty and dingy as hell!

Well worth checking out if you fancy something different.


1. Levitating In Tarry Fog
2. Covenant Of Doom
3. Mighty Black Flame
4. Fullmoon Is The Sinister Light Of Providence
5. I Crush The Sanctity Of Christ
6. Ressurection Through Condemnation