Hellhunter/Unholy Goatfucker - Split 7" EP

This is a three song 7" EP with two tracks from Hellhunter (California) and one from Unholy Goatfucker (Massachusetts). Judging by the names alone you know this ain't gonna be pretty. Hellhunter starts it off with raw black metal done in an ancient way. The guitars are very upfront which I like, and the vocals are grating sort of in the vein of 90s Norwegian acts. I hear early Sodom, Kreator, even Profanatica influence in there especially with the bang your head slow riff in the first track. Although there is a classic feel to it, the production is crisp enough to cut through and enjoy.

Unholy Goatfuckers track "Behold The Black Prophet" is a good contrast to this EP. It begins with a short acoustic piece, then takes off full speed. I would say their style is well executed black metal with thrash influence and brings Desaster to mind for me. Then things change drastically. In the middle there is this operatic break with a female singer, but not in a cheesy way. At first it throws you off, then really makes sense. I had to go back to listen to this a few times. Great composition and evil sounding.

  1. Desasters In Carpathia
  2. Black Prophecies
  3. Behold The Black Prophet