Hellgoat / Legions of Astaroth - Split

Hellgoat kicks off with 2 tracks of which you can hear only some frantic noise due to low quality recording. After that the noise is alittle less and the music becomes clear, at least you can hear some blackmetal guitarriffs, blasting drums and hollow screaming in the background. There's structure and melody in the guitars and that's about it. 4 th song is bad ass noise again...this is even extremer than noise... Legions of Astaroth continu with practiceroom recording style blackmetal, untight drumming, hardly any interesting guitarriffs and haunting screams from a maniac.... So I think this cd-r is only for maniacs..

1. Pit of serpent
2. War march anthem
3. Moonlight ritual
4. End of man

Legions of Astaroth
5. Turning the skies back with nausiating rage
6. Sabbat of the waning moon
7. End of the endless
8. Absence of self in vile chaos

Vile Art Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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