Hellfueled - Memories In Black

Sweden is home to some of the baddest metal bands ever. So its no surprise Hellfueled kicks so much ass. Now before you pass judgment Brutal Maniacs, Hellfueled is not your "A" typical Swedish Metal Band. There is no Soilwork, or At The Gates here. This is back to our roots Heavy Fucking Metal. Hard, and Gut Punch Heavy. I mean C.O.C. vs. Black Label Society Heavy, with all the lead guitar wizardry you could ever want. Excellent production on top of excellently crafted songs. You have to own this record. When I compile my best releases I have heard this year, "Memories In Black" will be in the top 10!!

1. Rewinding Time
2. Monster
3. Sky Walker
4. Again
5. Warzone
6. Search Goes On
7. Queen Of Fire
8. Right Now
9. Face Your Demon
10. Down
11. Master of Night
12. Slow Down

Black Lodge Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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