Hellebaard - Valkyrenvlucht

Hellebaard is a Dutch pagan black metal band who sing in their native language. Long duration of the songs which are stuffed with folkish elements and instruments, marching beats and battleistic attacks. Nice emotions in the guitarriffs and keyboard passages. The overall tempo is not fast but more attention to melody and atmosphere. Listening to this album brings indeed ancient feelings and middle ages harshness. Don't hold back because their Dutch lyrics because it suits this epos but lets get carried away by the orchestral paganism.

1. Machtige Stemmen
2. Speellieden
3. Valkyrenvlucht
4. De Raaf
5. Verlaten Land
6. Kampvuur
7. Odin's Mars
8. Heidens Bloed

CCP Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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