Hellbringer - Awakening From The Abyss

Hellbringer’s debut was a delight to listen too, this follow up follows a similar brash, raw and vintage thrash sound namely in the vein of the first two Slayer albums, in particular as I have mentioned in earlier reviews, the underrated classic "Hell Awaits". I said then and I will say again, Hellbringer are no tribute though, they do fair enough, bring together ancient thrash influences, but their delivery is fresh and exciting, certainly on their own and in their own way.

'Iron Gates', well, this simply has it all, pounding rhythms, breakneck speed and a reverb led vocal that’s pretty haunting, and there are no chapels in sight I might add! The welcome of 'Fall Of The Cross' is immense, the speed, the clarity in the chaos, it does take me back through the years. Of course, the overall production is a touch better than pre-’85, but it still retains that same majesty and feeling. The complexity and speed of the albums title track and the riff that follows, you are going to make your neck sore in the morning for sure. The energy, well I guess you have figured that out by now.

Whilst many newer bands gave up after the late noughties surge in thrash, many have remained, like Hellbringer they put their own mark on the style and rise up far away from being a tribute act, something many of the other bands that are no longer around failed to emulate. Hellbringer, well, forget your big name 80’s heroes released this year, this is cool thrash, a style that’s got real balls and a fantastic amount of energy that feeds your fury and enlightens you in the darkest depths of the most miserable day, rise up, thrash till death!

  1. Fall Of The Cross  
  2. Coven Of Darkness  
  3. Realm Of The Heretic 
  4. Iron Gates  
  5. Spectre Of Rebirth  
  6. Awakened From The Abyss  
  7. Dark Overseer