Hellbox - Infernothing

Latest album of these Finnish rocking thrash band. And I forgot to mention party band as this album is just for fun. Ofcourse Hellbox will never be the biggest, fastest, tightest and all other cliches of the metal scene. They just do what they like most, playing music, drinking beer and have fun. Therefor you still referals to Venom or Motorhead but the songs are catchy and you can sing a long with them after a while. So open the box yourself and rock like hell!

1. Infernothing
2. Coin Under Tongue
3. Liarlair
4. Vulture Terror
5. Helldriver
6. Cosmopolitan Cunts
7. Pyronoid
8. One Shot
9. The Fuck Off Song
10. Angeröar
11. Eviction from the Grave
12. Christmas Suicide

Deviance Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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