Helgrind - Fallen Prophet

Reading the press sheet of Helgrind and seeing that their aim is to be one of the most distinctive, influential and extreme UK thrash bands. With this in the back of mind I was anxious to put it on play mode. The beginning of this EP sounds a bit a lame. But wait a minute there is something that sounds very familiair. Don't know immediatly so wait for track two. Well it starts almost the same and when the vocals fall in I know. That dude sounds like Tom Araya. Damn that takes the whole thing down. And listening to the 4 tracks my conclusion is that they won't belong to the group of bands they want to be. It is thrash but not extreme and not that original. Sorry to say but there is not much tension, bit cliche riffs and tempos. Their full length should be ready at the end of this year but if the songs are of the same level then skip me please.

1. Fallen Prophet
2. Face Of Evil
3. Insanity Rules
4. One Solution

Casket Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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