Helevorn - Fragments

Helevorn is a gothic doom metal band from Spain and they remind me sometimes of that other band from Mallorca Golgotha, espially in the vocals. And as I liked Golgotha I also like Helevorn. Melancholic metal with lots of variation. Nice guitars with dwelling leads, piano interlutes, vocals which are singing, grunting or narrating. Songs that have power although the senses are set to melancholy and sadness. Nice album that will show up in my player regularly. Also on this disc a CDROM track but as it is only made for Wintel I cannot see it.

1. Nobody Is Waiting
2. Absolute Sadness
3. Ungravity
4. Your Creased Silk
5. Sequences
6. A Ghost In My Room
7. 12
8. About Angels (2002 version)


Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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