Helevorn - Compassion Forlorn

This is a band from the Balearic Islands and this is their third release to date. The overall premise of this album is melancholic doom with a touch of gothic expansiveness without going into one or the other genre in totality. As I listen to this I have to admit there is not anything that really stands out on this album, it’s played with a deft approach to song writing and guides the listener through the experience like a comfy pair of shoes. I would say there are any surprises, but I do say it’s a pleasure to listen too as its compelling and a release that involves the listener as far as the listener wants to go. Delve further into this world and you’ll love it, stand on the outside and you may find yourself wandering into the expansive nature of most of the arrangements.

Thankfully, the pace is varied slightly, ‘Burden Me’ which retains more than the usual dirge by way of that melancholic feeling I mentioned at the start, peppering the gruff often spoken vocal with some expansive music, the vocal roars do sound more like the style I want to hear to be fair, this is not going to be every ones bag, but there is something that keeps you listening. Maybe that’s because there are little twists and turns provided by keyboards. One of the highlights are the guitar passages through the latter section of ‘Reasons Dies Last’. For me the mundane vocals are off putting, but as a feature of the style, this works for the real fans of this music.

Overall, you may call this a mature release, there is nothing that’s going to kick you hard, it’s generally a low key sound in the doom gothic scene, but I don’t think it’s going to stand out too much from the many bands playing this style.

  1. The Inner Crumble  
  2. Burden Me  
  3. Looters 
  4. Unified  
  5. Delusive Eyes  
  6. I Am To Blame  
  7. Reason Dies Last  
  8. Els Dies Tranquils