Headmeat - Mass Sociogenic Illness

Headmeat was born in Belgium in 1998, and finally leaves their first full-length Mass Sociogenic Illness. An album of great resonant quality, initially the band played a Brutal Death/Grind, but now they started to play a Death Metal slower with insert of the keyboard. Besides great music the album still contains a video clip of the music Perfect Murder Sequence. In short a great disk and a great band, without speaking that it comes in a luxurious version in Digipack. You must check it yourself!

1. Burning Dogma
2. Angels vs Insects
3. Consumed By fire
4. Diggin’ Up some Stiffs
5. Boern’ Weelei
6. Perfect Murder Sequence
7. Randomly Raped
8. Unborn & malformed

Redstream Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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