Headless - Son Of Failure

In 2005 this Itallian band was formed by Alessandro (guitar), Daniele (drums) and Francesco (bass and vocals). These three individuals are mixing their influences and what resulted is a brutal death metal band. In 2006 the band releases their first demo "Blood Desire" which was a nice debut and here in 2007 the band comes with their follow up "Son Of Failure" and this is a next step forward. Their style is still blasting with growling voices. Drums that rapids up in the breaks with the double bass hits and the guitars are riffing more melodic and the leads are flying in form left and right. Also some spanish guitar hits can be heard. In the mid paced parts Headless is leaning on heavy threatening rhythms. The step forward the band makes is that the songs are more structured and have more feeling and tension. "Son Of Failure" is nice step forward and if they continue to develop something great can be heard on their debut full length!

1. Unmerciful Terror
2. Son Of Failure
3. Blinded By Faith
4. Bring Me The Head (Of Your Messiah)
5. Filthy Icons

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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