Headless - Blood Desire

Headless from Italy spend their summer of 2006 in the studio to record this debut demo. And now you think: was it worth it? Oh hell yeah! I would say. At least if you like brutal death metal. Gutteral vocalstyle, blast songs with a bass drummer on the run. Double guitars with thick and short riffing and you hear nice and venomous leads out of the coffin. Maybe the band is not inventing a new style in the brutal death metal scene but they sure are part of it. The opening track has an intro from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I think you get the idea by now... Production is acceptable although the symbols of the drums are sometimes annoying in the mix. But for the rest I suggest to visit their site and listen yourself!

1. Blood Desire
2. Xipe Totec
3. Elimination Way
4. Rise Of The Vengeance
5. Tezcatlipoca
6. Well Disposed To Kill

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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