Headcrash - Hangoverdrive Demo 2003

Headcrash is a crust grind band from Holland and a cooperation from Anal Penetration and Maggots. 15 Outbursts of machinery with spewed vocals. Short duration of the tunes but full speed and choking you. Don't expect crappy shit but just let it come over you. Some funny items are add into the songs (ping pong in track 7) and with clear messages in the songtitles.

1. Mosh
2. Satanic crust
3. We are cult, fuck you
4. Hangoverdrive
5. % alc.
6. Woody
7. Really fucked up
8. Full on drugs
9. Deconstruct
10. Unspeakable
11. .....Pff
12. Healthy meat
13. Nu Metal stinks!
14. So do we
15. And?

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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