Headcharger - Headcharger

Headcharger is a French band that started around 1999 under the name Doggystyle. After some demos they recorded this debut disc and released it in 2005. Headcharger combines metal, hardcore and rock n roll. The result is swinging tunes that are not to heavy or aggressive. Vocals are sung and screaming. Tempo is not only rolling but can be stamping or sensative. Although the albums listens easy it doesn't hit and snare with me. I forgot the tunes I heard but if you like bands like Poison The Well, Turmoil or At The Drive you might like Headcharger.

1. Made To Be Spread
2. Daily Struggle
3. Falling Asleep Masses
4. The Other Side Of The Coin
5. Indead End
6. Pc Warz
7. Flesh Creep Behind The Peep Hole
8. Dead Or Alive
9. The Scream
10. Nothing But Propaganda
11. Pyromaniac Fireman

Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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