Hazy Hamlet - Forging Metal

Upon first listen to this album without the benefit of research, I could have sworn these guys were German. In fact, hailing from Brazil, Hazy Hamlet (no – not another cigar brand!) brandish their denim and leather in all true metal glory. From my initial take, I get some Grave Digger (vocally), lots of Running Wild, Lonewolf, with the odd hint of Accept. This is something that could have been released on Noise records in the mid to late 80’s.

Whilst I am not totally blown away by their songs, I do get a sense of comfort with everything sitting just right. The clichéd lyrics and melodies mix things up of a general galloping mid tempo as displayed on ‘The Faces of Illusion’ for example. The loose slapping of the bass strings in some places make it sound as if they have lost there way. But previous to this, there are really good classic tunes in the form of ‘Forging Metal’ (even though it sounds like a Hammerfall tune), ‘Metal Revolution’, you kind of get the picture of where this is going somewhat. Out of all the tracks, I do find ‘Funeral for a Viking’ standing out from the rest, purely as it is slightly heavier sounding than the rest. Whether you are sober or drunk, you can get into this band that is if you like the classic metal sound. Purveyors of brutality might want to give this a miss otherwise; “true” metal fans will smile from ear to ear when you hear this. The production is not bad at all, sometimes the higher fretted chords sound a little thin, but the drums are heavy as hell. When it comes to metal album covers, Hazy Hamlet have hit the nail on the head, definitely a metal band and definitely a quality piece of art.

This is a band land-locked in the 80’s metal scene, what a great place to be, metal warriors unite and stand in legion with Hazy Hamlet.

1. The Beginning Of The End – Part 1
2. The Beginning Of The End – Part 2
3. Black Masquerade
4. Metal Revolution
5. Field Of Crosses
6. Funeral For A Viking
7. Chrome Heart
8. Chariot Of Thor
9. Forging Metal
10. The Faces Of Illusion

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 23, 2010

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