Havohej - Kembatinan Premaster

Arisen in New York City, NY in 1993 from the ashes of one of the most influential US Black Metal bands of all time, HAVOHEJ ('Jehovah' in reverse) came forth by Paul Ledney originally as a vessel for continuing the PROFANATICA legacy. Ledney also has credits with INCANTATION and REVENANT. Releases followed like EPs and the debut album in 1993 called "Dethrone The Son Of God". And now 16 years later the sophomore has been released "Kembatinan Premaster".

I am not familiair with Havohej so I was curious what it would be. Satanic ripping black metal? Hellish shredding? Boy, was I disappointed when the title songs started. What a fukkin bad sound! And that is an understatement. Maybe Paul thinks this is the utter form of dark perversion but I think it is not worth listening. But I gave the album a full spin and the songs I heard consist of harsh vocals, simplistic drums and noise. Tempo is mostly mid paced with some accelerations.

Maye I don't understand Paul and his mind twists but I won't spin it again.

1. Kembatinan Premaster
2. Pious Breath
3. Bloud And Souls
4. Melancholike
5. Bloud Of The Word
6. Sundowning (Destroie Men And Beasts With Lookes)
7. Hatefull Unto God
8. Homerica Medicatio

Hells Headbangers Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 2, 2010
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