Havoc - Elimination process

This is the first full length album of Mexico City based Thrashers Havoc. Their music´s raw, pissed off and furious and possesses the anger that helped to create some highlights of Thrash Metal for sure. The vocals are pretty harsh and the lyrics deal with death and war mainly. The band tries to combine modern Thrash Metal with the older style to create a real violent bastard. Since we´re talking about an underground release, the production is appropriate. So don´t expect a multimillion dollar high-end recording. The drums could be more powerful for sure, but that´s quite unimportant, because “Elimination process” unfolds its strength through the filth and the hatred you can hear in every single second. All songs come straight to the point and every unnecessary stuff was left behind. This is pure and raw energy. Even if Havocs music becomes too ordinary sometimes, this release is definitely worth the listening session. Keep an eye on them if you like i.e. Assassin, Slapdash, Exodus or Onslaught.

1. Dead Man's Corner
2. Covenants With Death
3. Exceeding The Limits Of Chaos
4. Verbal Abuse
5. AK-47
6. Elimination Process
7. Den Of Inequity
8. Mortal Kombat
9. Desperate Solutions
10. War Zone
American Line Prod.
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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