Hatriot - Heroes Of Origin

On this occasion, we are pleased to have in our hands the first album of the new band of famed and incombustible Steve "Zetro" Souza, ex-singer of important bands in the thrash Metal scene like Exodus, Legacy (now Testament) Dublin Death Patrol, etc... To carry out this work, "Zetro" counts among its ranks with the guitarists Varvatakis Kosta and Michael Esparza, and his two sons Cody and Nick Souza, on bass and drums respectively, and as expected, this formation has made me travel back in time to my endearing 80's!

To begin with this journey, the first thing to be noted is the overall sound of this album. If the intention of the band was to get a totally classic sound within the Thrash Metal genre of the Bay Area, but with a current production, well maintained, and with the new resources of nowadays, I think they really have achieved their goals abundantly! The distortion of the guitars is directly a blade that cuts the throat, and the association between drums and bass is as strong as determinant to close this sonorous circle in which only remained the voice of Steve, which has not lost any quality, and even in my opinion has won new skills through the years, to achieve an extraordinary debut album.

Riff's and guitar solos are at breakneck speed, and songs like 'Suicide Run' or 'Blood Stained Wings' are worth to be listened!. The rhythm changes that are so characteristic in this genus, are also found in former songs like 'Murder American Style' and 'The Violent Time Of My Dark Passenger' (the latter with one of the best jobs on drums in the entire work). In general, an excellent job regarding the composition.

Speed​​, brutality, anger, aggression and especially, wisdom, are the words that comes to my mind to describe this new proposal, indispensable for fans of Old School Thrash Metal!


  1. Suicide Run
  2. Weapons Of Class Destruction
  3. Murder American Style
  4. Blood Stained Wings
  5. The Violent Times Of My Dark Passenger
  6. Globacidal
  7. A Your Children To Be Damned
  8. Mechanics Of Annihilation
  9. Shadows Of The Buried
  10. Heroes Of Origin