Hatred Superstars - Bastard International

Hatred Superstars was born in the suburbs of Marseille (France) back in spring of 2010. Troma Cervantes gave light and shape to the project, helped by Rotpiet (guitar / arrangements) and ZK International (vocals/ writing).  By the end of 2012, Hatred Superstars inked a deal with French label Trendkill Recordings, "Bastards International" has finally seen the light of the day as CD, LP and Digital on 13th of September 2013!

With influences such as Violence, Pornography, Fanaticism and Perversity I really think these guys are going to gain an even larger following in the metal community as it does appear a somewhat different path to follow, other than the usual route of Satan. It is very safe to say that whoever thought France was a ‘romantic’ country – I would definitely think again. Only the brutally extreme bastards live there!

Holy Devirginizer
Makes note to oneself – do not have volume on 11 when playing these fuckers! As I have had to scrape my own body parts off the ceiling! To say this is brutal is the most serious UNDERSTATEMENT of the century! It scales the depths of depravity with no mercy for the deviants and non deviants among us!

Supersonic HIV & Process
Like a whirling dervish it spins and spews out hatred to all who care to listen and splinters the ear drums as it goes! It is highly enthused with menace and toxic rhythms that glue a beastly path of intense smothering ferocity together. It would be difficult to head bang to this without losing brain matter!

Join Us
A transfixing repertoire of sheer savagery that scintillates, bribing the ears with barbaric ferocity and ravenous chants! It is rugged and bludgeons with intent to cause serious harm – like death, if exposed to it longer than necessary!

Bastards Unlimited
Holy Fuck! This is a devouring track that simply explodes with caustic fluidity. It mutates into a beast that is hell bent on molesting its own grooves!! It is over-weight with a heavy rhythm and pummelling beats that will eat you whole!

Ghost Frequency
With speed and intensity this one bulges with spellbinding attack and venomous vocal edge! It more than takes a muscular stroll – this gallops with a blood thirsty revenge and will leap out and throttle you to get the attention it craves. It will certainly be a while before this beast is finally in its cage, put it that way!

Black Flag
No sooner have you taken a breath does this monster loom large and imposing. Its raucous gait is bold and unforgiving, producing another battering ram of pure metal hatred. Annihilation is not an option!

No Escape
This does nothing to douse the flames and instead prefers to pour petrol on them. It ignites in a blackened and menacing rampage – charging around fiercely and without remorse, gathering heinous tendencies as it flourishes – and as the title would suggest – there quite literally is ‘No Escape’

Universal Hunger
The seeds have been well and truly sown and the birth of another monster is imminent within the strides of this colossal track. This raw and cursing incendiary device is primed for utter blitzing with its vitriolic abrasive rhythms.

“Ugly, repugnant and brutish!! This album more than makes its presence felt!”

Zombie Hooligans
Now the zombies want the limelight – this track prowls with a predatory stalking and lunges at victims who try and hide in the shadows. It plucks them from all angles, in a deranged frenzy and systematically batters them to a certain death.

Pink Inside
Uncontrolled and riotous it wastes no time in its brutal attack embracing with metal spikes that will no doubt draw plenty of the red stuff with mischievous certainty and no conscience!

Walk With Me
The final track on this debut album will obliterate the human race as we know it and leave behind a bleak and arid backdrop in which nothing other than Hatred Superstars will procreate and wreak yet more havoc on anything that lives thereafter!

This album should have an X Certificate attached to it – it is utterly demonic and breeds violent tendencies that once taken hold will multiply out of control. Its breath is far from baited, as it is NOT an album for beating about the bush more about beating full stop! It gathers momentum quickly on each listening and will never rescind to its inferiors. The riffs tower imposingly while the vocals purge themselves in an extremely awkward manner. It brawls, it captivates and in the end will kill you with its own sheer tumultuous emotions that will boil over the top like ripe volcano lava. The vocals are engaging and have a somewhat punk tone to them which is evil enough and played to thrash/death intensity – you can be sure that your demise has been set in stone! Ugly, repugnant and brutish!! This album more than makes its presence felt!

  1. Holy Devirginizer
  2. Supersonic HIV & process
  3. Join Us
  4. Bastards Unlimited
  5. Ghost Frequency
  6. Black Flag
  7. No Escape
  8. Universal Hunger
  9. Zombie Hooligans
  10. Pink Inside
  11. Walk with Me

Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Oct 4, 2014
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