Hatework - Madbent For Disaster

Thrash band from Italy that goes for another attack. This album is again filled with sharp thrash songs and dealing with metal and alcohol (is there anything better in life?). Vocals remind of the German thrash band Assassin from the 80s. And that is typical for the music too, it could have been releashed in the 80s. Good old days and hearing these tunes it takes you back 20 years ago. Fast songs with slower parts, razorguitars with the leads and raspy screamy vocals. Last song on the disc is a cover from the Misfits. Very enjoyable and curious what they play these days because this disc is from 2002.

1. Madbent for disaster
2. Tomahawk
3. Hellsquad from the airways
4. Total war
5. Pleasure of the blood
6. Deeds of hate
7. (we are) alcohol abusers
8. Thrasher’s attack
9. Dawn of the dead
10. All hell breaks loose (cover Misfits)

Witches Brew
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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