Hate Profile - Opus I: The Khaos Hatefile

Hate Profile is a project from a guy named Amon 418 who is also active in other musical projects. With the help of GroM (Ancient) on drums he recorded the first album of a trilogy. Lyrically it deals with the two sides in life but they weren't included with this promo but the music is more important... Musically this is black metal poured in structured songs. Mid tempo or fast blast, breaks, melodic riffing, it is diverse. Only the vocals could have been diverse, it is too much in the same range and could have had more tension. An album that had a pleasant listening round and curious how the other two would sound.

Chapter 0: Demons In Me (Intro to Inferno)

Chapter 1: Bleeding Black Heart
Chapter 2: Veils That Blind
Chapter 3: The Darkened Angel
Chapter 4: The Day My Feathers Fell

The Vision:
Chapter 5: 17 Empty Rooms
Chapter 6.66: The Khaos Hatefile
Chapter 7: Recall To Nothing
Chapter 8: Lapse Of Perfection -Pralâya-

Cruz Del Sur Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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