Hate Division - Order Of The Enslaved

Blasting their way with the intro track, the Canadian war machine breaks, bashes and smashes relentlessly any will, anyone might have to doubt their potential. The continuation simply certifies the undoubted fact that Hate Division is here to stay for good! Succeeding a really promising first full length of 2011, "Order Of The Enslaved", is their new 2nd full and official release for 2014 and it really is a blast. Anything the xtreme sound has to offer is there. And someone can find it in plenty, as the boys from Nova Scotia didn't come cheap.

13 songs and a total length of 47 minutes completes this new atrocity from Hate Division and it gets pretty obvious even on the first 'scratch' listen of it all, that it is going to be an album that will make a difference amongst the releases of 2014. The amazing thing with this one, is the tremendous pace it keeps, despite the length of it. Almost one hour of blasting and it never gets boring. Quite a feat, if you consider that most death metal bands tend to fade even in lengths of 30 minutes or so. The song order was a really bright moment on this album, as brutality succeeds brutality, but in a way that tends to keep the previous flow untouched and add to it the new standards. The music itself is awesome. Everything follows the brutal aspect of the sound. From song construction, to plain riffs. Everything has to be xtreme and everything has to be tense. Even the 3 melodic interleaves you'll find, serve the same purpose. The melodies are sick, giving you a hard twist on the stomach and a slight sense of anxiety as you are unaware of what's to follow. Of course the melodic interleaves are separated from the solid brutal songs, and those two don't get mixed under no circumstance. When Hate Division decides to go with the xtreme, then  this is what you get and nothing more. Tight, swirling riffs tied under clever song constructions, followed closely by a fat bass guitar and a growler behind the mic that knows how to blend growling vocs with high pitch shrieks, all under the extreme flow they chose to follow!

It really is a step ahead, from the enthusiasm that deluged their first full length. "Order Of The Enslaved" is more mature and dangerous than its predecessor. Hate Division is a band that knows it's brutality well and trust it's gut so when they feel they have to go with melody, the melodic lines they choose to play are soooo twisted, that blend in with the rest of the extremity like they were meant to be. They tend to give an awful  twist in your guts until they let you fall into brutality again. All these of course are tied up perfectly by an awesome mix. Clear and on the same time muddy and fat as a brutal death metal production should be. Those who already checked need to read no more, those who haven't, just trust the sayin that wants bands from Canada to just be awesome and give those guys the proper respect. Definitely on of the good ones for 2014!

  1. Peace.Tranquility.Subsequent.Deception
  2. The Divine Reward
  3. A Controlled Extinction
  4. Pornography Of War
  5. World Descending
  6. Creatures Of The Grid
  7. Dawn Of Quiescence
  8. The Final Exhalation
  9. Stricken
  10. The God Species
  11. Medicated
  12. Global Autopsy
  13. Order Of The Enslaved