Harm - Devil

What we have here is basically thrash metal, yet coming across to sound a bit more diverse due to a distinguishable voice whose peculiar timber owes as much of a metalcore anger as it does a controlled black metal vehemence.

Musicwise, similarities to other acts are none and many. This said in a positive way as while each riff gives one the feeling of having heard it somewhere before, it is in no way easily identifiable to the point of becoming unbearable, but to work in the favour of the band’s overall sound, making up for hooks within the music that are more prone to attract fans their way.

So if you like good banging thrash rhythms and the occasional splash of a solo thrown in for good measure, then HARM is your thing. Not something to stick out as anything close to the next EXODUS or TESTAMENT (even as it misses the necessary anger at times), but definitely close above average.

1. Aggression
2. Backfire
3. Kvalt
4. Devil
5. Harm Unleashed
6. Burn
7. Reflection
8. Planet God
9. Rolling The Dice
10. Instinctive Reflex Revenge

Sublife Productions
Reviewer: necrogool
Feb 26, 2009

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