Harm - Demonic Alliance

Harm are a thrash metal band from Norway and they have been going since 1997 and this is their latest release. The band are Oivind Vagane-drums, Lars Andreas Vagane- guitar and Steffan Schulze- bass and vocals, and they are signed to Battleground Productions.

Although they have been around for a while they are a new band to me and very glad I am to have come across them!! Right from the atmospheric intro they kick ass!! Absolutely great guitar work from Lars and good solid bass and drums and really good vocals, this band rock hard! It all adds up to a great release, and all 9 tracks are really good and the whole release rattles on a great pace. My personal favourite tracks are “The Line In-between” and the mighty “Svartsynt” but as I say there isn’t a bad track on this release. It all clocks in at just under 36 mins. and if you are a thrash fan you will love it!!

Check out the hard as fuck “Svartsynt” for some top notch heavy riffing and see what a top talent Lars really is, the whole band are tight as fuck but show up so well on this track. I love this band a lot as I always love a bit of good old thrash, this isn’t to say that this is derivitive, because it’s not, it is a fresh, new take on a great genre. Steffans vocals are harsh but great, he really is a main part of this recording and I love his style, add to the fact that Oivind is a demon drummer and you have a treat of a release, shit hot vocals, great guitar and super drumming, what’s not too like!!!

I have been listening to this a lot and I do recommend to all and its made me want to go out and find their other releases,distros here I come!!

  1. The Line In Between
  2. Demon
  3. Eradication Of The Individual
  4. Svartsynt
  5. Demonic Alliance
  6. New Brutal Vitality
  7. Random Numbers
  8. Bleeding Rust
  9. Fuck The Fame

Reviewer: donnieaural
Sep 5, 2011

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