Hargos – Shadows Of Violence

The group Hargos is the newest prominence of Minas Gerais/Brazil. Founded in 2004, the proposal of the quintet is an innovative sound, Modern Thrash Metal containing a mixture of Progressive Metal and great melodies. The first full length calls Shadows of Violence, and display the how the sonority is diversified and well elaborated. Some until they think that that mixture cannot give right, but it’s sometimes necessary to dare to reach status and Hargos took a risk and it got a good sonority. The letters done by the group speak historically on Minas Gerais, mentioning even Tiradentes (Hero of the Inconfidência Mineira). At the end it can be reached the conclusion that Shadows of Violence is conventional and great resoundingly. Hargos bet and it won a great acquisition of Die Hard Records. Acquire the CD and appreciate.

1. Dream of Liberty
2. Hero Betrayed
3. Tsunami
4. Carnage
5. The Beginning
6. Baghded
7. Silent Angel
8. In Metal Town (Wake Up the Mountains)
9. Chaotic City
10. Born in Hell

Die Hard Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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