Hands Of Orlac/The Wandering Midget - Split

The split between Hands Of Orlac and The Wandering Widget is an unexpected yet wondrous ride into the depths of doom metal at its best. There are similarities between the two bands, but each have their differences that make them unique and both bands know how to keep things fresh and interesting. The two bands show that they are not afraid to go beyond the limits of tradition, but there is no doubt that their roots are reminiscent of the bands that laid the path before them and it is interesting to hear how they incorporate those roots with their own ideas to create these concoctions of doom that even the most sophistication doom metal fan is sure to love.

The Hands Of Orlac part of this split contains four tracks who’s riffs take you back to classic Black Sabbath albums as well as that infamous Coven album from ‘69. Add to this the vibe of Cathedral with a slight progressive edge while the rhythm rides a fine Voivod “Nothingface” vibe. As far as the drums go, there is nothing out of the ordinary just a really nice classic rock style with a nice folk vibe. The progressive edge also shines through in the drum work. The bass seems to be an octave lower than everything else but it is a nice accentuation in regards to how this instrument is applied to the material. The vocals are spacey and ethereal throughout these 4 songs. The style and pattern fits the material and really draws you into the midst of this aural bliss. Even though this is doom metal, I think it’s hard to define this band as far as genre goes. Yes, you could say doom, stoner, or even progressive. Personally, I would have to say all of the above. Hands Of Orlac have orchestrated a release that will have you thinking, contemplating, and clamoring for more. This is definitely for fans of Cathedral, Black Sabbath, Pagan Altar, Stillborn, Pentagram, and other bands like these.

The Wandering Widget side of things finds one track at a whopping 18 in length! After a creepy, psychedelic intro, riffs kick in with a strong and traditional doom vibe mixed in with some nice solo where appropriate. Slightly drawn out and full of agony. Fans of doom metal will love the riffage here. The drums are the slow yet methodical pulse of a morbid sorrow. Nothing out of the ordinary but the drums are what really set this this song off. An ever so slight rumbling of of the bass is cloaked by the other aspects of the music. In the background more than I would like, but perfect for this tune. The vocals are the icing on the cake here. Whatever genre you do, this is metal done right as the pattern here is outstanding! Combine the vocals from Candlemass, Dream Theater, and Iron Maiden and you got what’s going on here. A 100 percent perfect vocal performance! When a band can encompass the old school in a way that appeals to today’s metal heads, you know you have something special. That’s what you have with The Wandering Widget. In fact, both of the bands on this split are to be watched in the years to come. My utmost respect to Cruz Del Sur for releasing such a fine display of excellent doom metal!

  1. Curse Of The Human Skull
  2. Per Aspera
  3. From Beyond The Stars
  4. Ad Astra
  5. Where We March The Vultures Follow

Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 23, 2018
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