Hanagorik - For Kids With Some Problems

From Brasil comes this 5 piece who play around from 1991. Resulting in playing quality and writing skills. And have some nice credits like voted for best band in 1996 and did some big shows in Brasil and Europe. Hanagorik plays crossover combining hardcore and thrash but with some nice tunes in it like the guitar distortion in the end of song "From You To Me". Most songs played in aggressiveness with social lyrics. Undoubtly you hear influences from Sepultura and Machine Head but is that a shame?

1. For Kids With Some Problems
2. Unknown
3. From You To Me
4. Insurrection
5. When The Angels Fall
6. Streets Of Berlin
7. Login Virus
8. Now I Know What Is Like To Be Dead
9. Radio Robert
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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