Halopent - The Ancient Of Days/In The Darkness Of Chaos

Halopent is a two piece band (nowadays) from Texas, US that consist of Randal (guitar/vocals/bass/drums) and Ryan (lead guitar). As the band is not familiar with me I looked around on the internet but couldn't find much info. On their page you can see their previous releases including the recordings on this double release. On this you can find songs of sold oud demos with different sound qualities. Keep in mind that they are demos so listen through this. The first reaction I have from Halopent is that the songs are build around lead guitars. Lots of violents leads in sinister songs collecting influences from death, thrash and doom. The vocals are growling in the background and tempo is up tempo or dark dwelling moods. But what irritates me the most are the distorted guitar riffs. It sounds constantly like the speaker is broken when they recored this in a bedroom with a home pc. I know it has to breath evilness but for me it doens't work. But I forced myself to listen to it couple of times and then I can say that the song structures are nice, enough variation in atmospheres and despise the fucking sound it still is dark and evil.

Written for AEA Zine #16

1. Demonic Molestation...
2. ...Satanic Fetus
3. Merciless Execution
4. Septic Torture
5. Morbid Feast
6. Awaken Decayed_Regurgitated Human Flesh
7. Gushing Blood
8. Post-Mortal Suffering
9. Putrid Remains
10. Cannibals Born Of Satanic Ritual
11. In Demonic Possession
12. The Inevitable Death
13. Infernal Eternity
14. World Of Ashes
15. The Inevitable Death (Low)
16. In The Darkness Of Chaos (Outro)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 5, 2010
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