Halo Of Gunfire - Conjuring The Damned

California is definitely the Golden state, especially when it comes to creating new trends in metal music. Since the 80's, when thrash metal has become the hottest thing in metal, this state has become the foundry for new styles and hundreds of bands, each trying to top one another. And the current technical deathcore trend is not an exception, because bands like Halo Of Gunfire prove that there's something special in the Californian air that makes musicians grab their instruments and rape them until something really interesting comes out.

Conjuring The Damned is the debut album by Halo Of Gunfire who were formed in 2006. And the best way to describe the music you'll hear on this record is imagining a mix between Beneath The Massacre and The Faceless, incorporating the most attractive elements of these two prominent bands. Halo Of Gunfire have the ridiculous breakdowns and brutality of Beneath The Massacre without making it too ridiculous, and the melodic approach to songwriting of The Faceless without diving too much into prog metal. As a result we have quite a nice brew of ripping deathcore that I would label as “smart deathcore”.

There's nothing much to say about the production on this record, because you can't expect it to be bad from a band signed to Unique Leader Records. The album sounds exactly as a modern deathcore band's album should sound – brutal, messy yet having all the instruments right where they belong.

The only real complaint about this album is that it's a tad too long, even if it lasts only for 22 minutes. You really get tired of it around the third song, because all the songs sound pretty much the same. Not that it's a bad thing, but a bit more diversity could be a good thing to make the music more attractive. Anyway, you get exactly what you would expect from a technical deathcore band, could you ask for more? Halo Of Gunfire kicks some serious ass and I bet they are a great band worth seeing live, and Conjuring The Damned proves just that!

1. The Summoning
2. Of The Nile
3. The Age Of Fire
4. From Whence They Came
5. Oh The Horror
6. Conjuring The Damned
7. Impure Divinity
8. Monstrosity
9. Black Mass
10. Story Time (demo 2008)
11. Banana Split (demo 2008)
12. The Cave (demo 2008)
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 29, 2010

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