Hailstones Kill 2000 - June 19 1932

This is a EP (or MCD) from crazy Australians who called themselves Hailstone Kill 2000. This is an attack of chaotical grind/hardcore/punk with experimental influences towards technical metal and noise. Guitarrriffs are mindblowing with dissonant chords, grooving parts and mayhemic onslaughts. Drums are raging with powerviolence blasts, crazy breaks and moshparts. Vocals complete hatred and rage with hysterical screams making this mix of styles even more chaotical. All is played very very tight and recorded with precision and great sound so you better buy before you die by hailstones.

1. 40 HR (Albert peselvo)
2. Stand in line
3. Power of the stranger
4. I'm not afraid
5. Needle or the box
6. Evrything for nothing
7. Spiderectomy
8. Guns company
9. Chapter 37
10. Blaga by the sea
11. Story of my life
12. Chapter 41

Grindhead Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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