Hail Of Bullets - Promo 2007

On handing the final mix of this four-strong promo in mid-2007, Unisound Studios’ own death metal guru Dan Swanö told HAIL OF BULLETS that “If this promo doesn’t get you guys a good record deal, I will eat my laptop!” And he was indeed right as soon after they were signed to Metal Blade, which came as no surprise at all judging by the strength of these songs.

Recalling Swedish death metal’s heyday untouched by the flirt with grind on both sides of the English speaking pond for the unacquainted, HAIL OF BULLETS come to you in the form of a cannon, a Netherlandian war machine that for those who have been around is distinctly Dutch death metal. And no wonder when the frontline involved claim service to Pestilence/Asphyx, Houwitser, Gorefest and Thanatos to their credit.

This is simply death metal done right, music that gives gooseflesh and an eagerness to search for a pit to sooth its undeniable punch. The metal world looks forward for the 2008 full-length!

1. General Winter
2. Red Wolves Of Stalin
3. Ordered Eastward
4. Advancing Once More

Self released
Reviewer: necrogool
Feb 26, 2009

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