H.O.S - The Beginning

These days there are a lot of bands going for that old school thrash sound. Italian thrash band H.O.S is no different. They play a good throw back to the original 80's sound on their debut album entitled "The Beginning".

The album starts out strong. It begins with a militaristic style overtone utilizing sirens and intense machine gun drumming. Further into the album you are taken back to the beginnings of thrash when speeding drums, lyrics dealing with social injustices, and extended guitar solos reigned. There is some excellent drum and bass work within this album. The traditional thrash guitar solos on the album are killer. They're heavy, complex, and aggressive.

While nothing too original is coming from these guys, overall it's a very good first release from H.O.S. Musically it is quite impressive, especially the guitar work. If you're looking for a decent new old school thrash album then this is for you.

1. Intro
2. Fallout
3. Annihilation of Society
4. Road Madness
5. The Haunt
6. No More Traitors
7. The Last Will
8. Ready to Fight
9. Earthquake
10. We Are H.O.S.!
Reviewer: SweetSinz
Mar 31, 2011

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