Gutter Instinct – Age Of The Fanatics

This is the debut full length from Sweden’s Gutter Instinct with one EP released previously. "Age Of The Fanatics" opens with the sound of a roaring fire before kicking into 'Leper Beholder' with a short build up introduction and when it kicks in it smashes you in the face and continues to kick you while you’re down for the next 45 minutes. This is the rawest, most furious album I’ve heard in recent years. It has that that chainsaw guitar found on the classic swedish death metal and early second wave of black metal. It has a modern sonic sound but retains it rawness and it still has that filthy, buried and dug up feeling those classic albums of that time had. The solos and melodic sections are dark and give everything that extra layer of menace.

'Bloodstorms' slow the tempo down and trudges along in a melodic doomy way that resembles Bolt Thrower when they slow things down before kicking back in to a shredding climax. There’s a breakdown in the title track that is just slamming. The album is like white heat the riffs just melt and when it can’t get any better they just throw in a haunting melodic section or solo and just adds icing to the rotten worm infested cake!

This is old school in its roots and is just ferocious and has that classic Swedish sound with a black metal finish. Entombed AD released an album earlier this year which is getting a lot of hype but trust me this pisses all over it. This is exactly the album you are looking for when you visit this page. It’s fantastic.

  1. Leper Beholder
  2. Age Of The Fanatics
  3. Bloodstorms
  4. No Place For The Cross
  5. Bridge Of Broken Bones
  6. An Ending In Fire
  7. Death Cult
  8. Counter-Culture
  9. Faith Junkies
  10. Exile