Ground Of Ruin - Cloaked In Doctrine

Ireland´s Ground Of Ruin offer us an interesting EP called “Cloaked In Doctrine”, which was recorded in 2008. After an atmospheric introduction the band starts with the title track that should remind every listener of Dimension Zero or Night In Gales. Fast and melodic riffs meet harsh and furious vocals. The next song is based on midtempo sections and on melodic guitar parts again, that allow the track to follow its own direction. “Beneath contempt” starts with a slow but powerful part and turns into a raging Death/Thrash beast soon. Once again Ground Of Ruin remind me of Dimension Zero or similar acts. This is not a negative fact, but a point of reference for all that are interested in these guys from Ireland, that definitely know how to handle their instruments and how to write cool songs in the vein of the before mentioned bands. Well done, dudes. Looking forward to a full length album.

1. Upon The 13th Hour (Intro)
2. Cloaked In Doctrine
3. Burning The Olive Branch
4. Beneath Contempt
Lugga Music Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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