Grond - Worship The Kraken

Demonic quintet Grond formed in 2002 and hail from Moscow. ‘Worship the Kraken’ is the bands second full length album.

Invocation – awakens from its slumbers to a thunderous rapture of intensity and intrigue. The storm already brewing for what is about to happen…. The strenuous riffs are deep and dark with an even darker vocal gruffness that is just sumptuous!

Kronos The Devourer – apt title for an apt track this literally does devour with very pointed fangs and large incisors! Tugging at the heart strings with one reason in mind to cause a coronary!

Steel Coffins – brings devilish images to mind as it plays out with its melodic brawl of hate. The rhythmic slant is harsh, gruelling and shows its gnarly teeth with snarling effect!

White Waters Of South – allowing the drums to shine at the start and throughout the track it beats a path to the door that literally breaks down with rabid throaty lures and a cavalcade of metal madness.

Blood Monk (cover Goatlord) – is by far better than the original as Grond have captured the essences and worked on them to reveal a more familiar stance than Goatlord, whose track is much slower and rougher sounding. Grond have polished the track to a gleaming production and executed it perfectly!

Worship The Kraken – the bands title track holds plenty of sneaky moments of atmospheric ambiance to wallow in and enjoy! Its hefty rhythms are all empowering and offers no let-up in an increasing extremity!

Below The Thunders – is a real stomper – you can feel the rhythms penetrate through the skin and infect the veins with rabid certainty! Best played loud (er) for full effect!

Devonian Tyrant – this track blasts off into oblivion as soon as it begins and leaves devastation in its wake! Combining a ferocious vocal and scything rhythms it literally bruises with passion.

Japetus The Ice Gate (feat. Lasse Pykko) – The hard edges that exude from this track are phenomenal. It is slow and deliberate and etches its gigantic marks on the brain.

Typhoon Is Coming – This is a jagged track that marches with bold conviction and will have you salivating at its monstrous gait.

Grond are without a doubt something special. It stands out a mile in each and every bulldozing riff and crazed beat. The harshness of the ravishing vocal edge leaves nothing to the imagination. The boxes are ticked, so venture into their world and enjoy some of the best death metal tracks ever!

  1. Invocation
  2. Steel Coffins
  3. White Waters Of South
  4. Blood Monk (cover Goatlord)
  5. Worship The Kraken
  6. Below The Thunders
  7. Devonian Tyrant
  8. Japetus The Ice Gate (feat. Lasse)
  9. Typhoon Is Coming

Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Aug 10, 2016
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