Groan/Vinum Sabbatum - Split EP

This release should be every stoner rock fan's dream - two of what I for one consider the best bands the genre has spewn forth in recent years, on one CD. British tokers Groan are the first up, with some excellent grooving jams that sound very much similar to last year's debut album "The Sleeping Wizard"... albeit with a slightly fuzzier, more suffocating sound to the songs which gives the band an undeniable edge over their debut. Their performance is as tight as ever, and they've still retained their charming and undeniably epic hooks in their songs - they're something that makes Groan so goddamn good, and they're a welcome opener to the CD.

Finland's Vinum Sabbatum have a slightly different approach to their sound, with the production being far less 'fuzzy' and utilizing the use of what sounds like... a hammond organ? Seriously? Fuck, it works - it becomes apparent almost straight away that Vinum Sabbatum are so laid back it's beyond belief, and although the idea of having an organ in a stoner rock band might crappy and/or ridiculous it actually gives their tracks a very interesting twist and a welcome change to what may be considered the 'normal' stoner sound that we all love. And much like Groan's work, the songs are still foot-tappingly catchy and very well structured, with the eleven mintue 'Disillusioned Pilgrims' bringing a welcome change of pace with a much slower, atmospheric vibe despite taking a while to get into full swing.

This is most certainly one of the shortest reviews I've ever written... but clocking in at a staggering four tracks, there's not much to say. This is just an excellent split EP featuring two excellent bands that, provided they keep up this pace, have got very bright futures ahead of them. My only real disappointment with this is that it's so short - that aside, light up a spliff, lie back and enjoy an extremely fun and relaxed 20 minutes of great music.

1. Cosmic Boogie
2. Throne Of Weed

Vinum Sabbatum
3. Sinister Sister
4. Disillusioned Pilgrims
Reviewer: Dave Ingram Jr.
Aug 16, 2011

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