Gris - Il Etait Une Foret

Gris is a band with two members, Icare (drums, piano and voices) and Neptune (bass and guitars) and they have a mission. Their spiritual travel is based upon 6 albums (the last one is a double one) and this is the second album. After the releases the travel is done and the band will disappear.On this album 6 tracks that are played in the mid paced tempo with slower parts. The songs are long playing and showing a diversity of depressions. The mood of the songs are trying to rape your feilngs about the joy in life. Gris is destructive, sadness with vocals that are not singing but more screaming like a wounded animal and even like he is crying. Guitars are accoustic as well as buzzy electric and the piano is there too. Last song is instrumental and a slow one with leading role for the piano and a violin. Gris is not the standard black metal so take a listen first if you don't want to get swalowed in their depression.

1. Il Etait Une Foret...
2. Le Gala Des Gens Heureux
3. Cicatrices
4. Veux-Tu Danser?
5. Profonde Misanthropie
6. La Dryade
Sepulchral Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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