Gripe - The Future Doesn't Need You

It would appear that there is much to be angry about when you hail from Athens, Georgia in the United States, although by the sound and feel of this new eight track release from the aptly named Gripe, the vitriolic viewpoints and out right hatred that this band spew out is centred at more world-wide irritants. Indeed the new release entitled 'The Future Doesn't Need You' feels more like a personal attack than a music record, and Gripe have seen fit to pour their collective malice and hostility in this release with such vengeful songs as 'Universal Stupidity' and the callous but to the point 'Just Fucking Die!' being among the front-runners of Gripe's sadistic out pouring. Musically though if you blink you may miss this Grind bands eight tracks of rage as so short are the songs you may want to listen a few times to let things sink in. Featuring a vocal style that barks through the microphone more than it does growl, and with a drumming style that is sporadic and venomous from the beginning, Gripe strike death blows with every chord, break down and riff, and speaking of the riff-age, although a little standard in its execution the enjoyment is not in any way lessened. 'The Future Doesn't Need You' is a seething mass of hatred, hostility and violence aimed at the world through amps and a mic, and I wish the band well in their efforts to rid the world of all the people that we simply could do with out, and let's be fair that's a lot! For the rest of us though I'd recommend jumping aboard this hate train as Gripe's broiling stew of anger results in a bone shattering aggressive and entertaining release!


1. Eat Bot
2. Go For The Throat
3. History Of Violence
4. Just Fucking Die!
5. Pigs In Shit
6. Prison Tycoon
7. The Future Doesn't Need You
8. Universal Stupidity